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Leather & suede

Give your leather a new lease of life

Each leather garment is unique and thereby needs a bespoke treatment. For this purpose, 5àsec has developed expert care to restore its original suppleness and colour.

Benefits Leather & suede

Like your own skin, leather is a living material. If you take care of it and nourish it regularly, you will preserve its suppleness and brightness longer!

Upon reception of your item, our 5àsec experts inspect your leather and carry out an overall diagnosis in order to determine the most suitable treatment option, based on its condition. 

Stain removal, cleaning, re-colouration, nourishing treatment … we make every effort to return your garments to a like new condition.

5àsec advices

Waterproof your leather and suede items on a regular basis to prevent discoloration and maintain their shape

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